on slowing down

Dreh & Schnitt: Swantje Furtak

„on slowing down“ ist ein persönlicher Kurzfilm, der eine Reise über den Landweg nach Irland begleitet. Mit folgenden Gedanken:

frankie has taught me to travel slowly
to take the train and bus and ferry
it’s not easy these days to travel like that
we are accelerating, trying to fit everything we can in the bit of time we have
but frankie has taught me that it is a decision
to value the distance

there are these moments you remember
this one idea for the text you had
that goodbye you saw at the ferry port
that wind on deck which wouldn’t let go of you until you felt free and small again

all these little moments matter
they make me less afraid of tomorrow
they make me see today

that i am not running
but consciously taking step by step
and that it is fine, that it is worth
to take the time

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